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Consumer units (Fuse boxes)

Install new consumer unit - Usually priced at around £300 including a new (amendment 3 compliant) metal consumer unit complete with split load RCDs to make sure you are protected by an RCD and to provide the convenience of not having the whole house in darkness when one circuit trips.

What should I know about my consumer unit?

Your consumer unit is where you turn on and off the electrical circuits in your house. You can do this manually by flipping a switch (circuit breaker) or it can happen automatically to help protect the circuit. The circuit breakers will trip out in the case of a fault (e.g. putting a nail through a cable, water in a socket) and it will protect the cable however it will not trip out quick enough to save your life if you are electrocuted as part of the fault! To help protect people (and livestock in farms) an RCD is used. The RCD will disconnect the supply in as little as 40ms (4/100ths second) and will prevent more than 30mA passing through you.

Without an RCD, you are unlikely to be protected from an electric shock.

Do I need a new consumer unit?

If you have an old style fuse box as shown below then you are likely to need it to be replaced. This is usually a straight forward job with no mess and can be done in a day. A series of tests will be performed after it is installed and a certificate issued and registered with Building Control (via CPS)

Fuse box

More about replacing a consumer unit......


Rewiring is charged at £45/socket outlet and £35/light plus materials for house rewires.


Adding new circuits

Adding a new circuit to an existing installation is common when refitting a kitchen or adding an electric shower for example. It is important that we first check that your current consumer unit can handle the additional load and then the new circuit can be added. Tests will be performed on the new circuit as part of commissioning and a certificate will be issued to you and also registered with Building Control.

Adding / replacing fittings (sockets, lights etc.)

If you just want extra sockets added to your living room or bedroom this can be done. We can also replace cracked sockets, lights and switches to make them safe again. A broken fitting can cause faults and unnecessary tripping so it is important to replace them.

Fault Finding

If you are having problems with a specific electrical circuit, fault finding techniques are employed to identify the problem and assess the best ways to resolve them. After discussion you can choose the best option and agree a price before continuing to the next stage of rectifying the problem.

Outside lighting and sockets

It is great to have outside lighting and sockets in your garden. However more care has to be taken to protect against electrocution outside. Fittings must be adequately protected against the weather too!